American Journal of Optics and Photonics

Special Issue

Tunable surface plasmon metamaterial

Submission deadline: Dec. 04, 2022
Status: Submission Closed
The increasing popularity of metamaterials (MM) and smart materials deserve our attention. The singular properties of these smart materials introduce tunability. The research interest of modern optics in this field is growing in the range of visible light to near-infrared frequency light. This is due to the outstanding properties of tunable metasurfaces and metamaterials composed of ultra-thin planar media composed of subwavelength dielectrics or metal elements: they can significantly change their optical response. A variety of materials can achieve new breakthrough applications by changing their optical properties.
This special issue discusses the following main themes, including but not strictly limited to:
  1. 1)Adjustable metasurfaces and metamaterials
  2. 2)Metamaterial properties that can be adjusted by external stimuli
  3. 3)The surface plasmon polarization excimer and the gap surface polarization excimer at the plasma interface
  4. 4)Terahertz, microwave liquid crystal metamaterials/metasurfaces
  5. 5)Adjustable material for numerical simulation
  6. 6)Two-dimensional materials, such as crystals or photonic crystals
  7. 7)Single-layer materials with high refractive index or exotic large-size metasurfaces
  8. Keywords:

    1. Plasmonic
    2. Fano Resonance
    3. Crystal
    4. Sensor
    5. Optic
    6. Photonics
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